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Homework Spring 2018

Snow day work 

Task 1: Play: Picnic on Pluto – click phase 3, +oa

Play- (Click on the link)

This game will focus on ‘oa, goat in a boat’. You need to feed the real words to Bob and the Alien words to Obb. Remember to carefully READ the sounds, keeping a special look out for the ‘oa’ diagraph, and then blend to read the words.

In your homework books, make a list of 4 real words and 4 alien words (alien names) with the ‘oa’ digraph in them

Draw, label and colour in one of the aliens you make a name for.

Task 2: Play: Blast off maths.

Play- (click on the link)

Choose one of the following options:

  • Easier – find a number, direct 10-20.
  • In between 10-30
  • Harder – in between, 60-99.


Task 3: World book day activity (click link)

Make a book review about your favourite book at home. If you have a printer, you can use this template or you can complete this task in your homework book/ on paper.

  • Book title
  • Who is the main character?
  • I like this book because…
  • What happens at the beginning?
  • What happens in the middle?
  • What happens at the end?




Each child in Year 1 has been given a common exception word spelling/reading grid. This has been individually tailored to each child as new spellings will be introduced to their grid when they are ready to move on. Below are the original common exception word grids.

Group 1 common exception word spelling grid

Group 2 common exception word spelling grid

Group 3 common exception word spelling grid


Extended task - 26.1.18


1 more and 1 less fact grid

Mental maths homework 19.1.18 (for children who are not completing the 1 more and 1 less facts grid)

Mental maths homework 26.1.18 (for children who are not completing the 1 more and 1 less facts grid)

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